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Live Music

Also known as a welcoming living room, the Stue Bar hosts live acts every fortnight, thus guaranteeing it also sets the tone when it comes to music. Its unique, intimate ambiance welcomes some of Berlin’s fantastic musicians, such as Jumaa, The Shoeswing Stringers, The Matti Klein Trio and many more.

D’AS DUO / 15.11.2019

With their project “Vintage Pop” Elena and Andrei are very successful – it is a pleasant mixture of classics, pop and funk which they reinterpret in a relaxed way.

SpreeTONorchester / 20.3.2020

The SpreeTON Orchestra plays swing & old German dance hits. With contrabass, percussion guitar and soloists, the musicians have now been working on classics of the 20s – 40s for several years in a unique way.

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