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The city of Berlin and SO/ Berlin Das Stue have a lot in common. Above all, we are diverse and different. To keep you entertained outside the hotel, we have put together tips for discovery tours from cultural to culinary.
  • kadewe


    The KaDeWe, Berlin's most renowned department stores', is cut from the same cloth as the SO/ Berlin Das Stue: Both were designed by the architect Johann Emil Schaudt. KaDeWe is the top address for luxury shopping and is one of...

  • c-o-berlin

    C/O Berlin

    A close neighbor of SO/ Berlin Das Stue is the exhibition center for contemporary, progressive photography. C/O Berlin presents a lively cultural program of international stature.   Opening hours: Thursday-Sunday from...

  • philharmonie


    The Philharmonie Berlin is a modern concert hall on Potsdamer Platz. It impresses not only the eyes with its special architecture but also the ears. The Philharmonie is home to an outstanding orchestra that enjoys world fame....

  • zoo-berlin

    Zoo Berlin

    Berlin Zoo hosts one of the widest varieties of species in the world. It is also the city's prettiest garden and dearest partner of SO/ Berlin Das Stue. It is home to the hotel’s sponsored kangaroo, Stuy. Together with...

  • kantstrasse-food-mile

    Kantstrasse Food Mile

    On Kantstrasse, culinary horizons are broadened. Restaurants of countless nationalities line up here and offer everything imaginable, from simply delicious to unknownly extravagant. Walk comfortably from SO/ Berlin Das Stue to...

  • potsdamer-strasse

    Potsdamer Strasse

    Potsdamer Strasse – This is where the spirit of new ideas reigns. It is a melting pot in constant change that also wants to be discovered in backyards. Young artists present contemporary art. Easier access to 20th-century...

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